October 2015 Audiobook Thread: Stats, Purchases and Reads

Updated: 10/02/2015

Welcome to the October 2015 Audiobook Stats, Purchases and Reads thread. October is the tenth month of 2015 so it won’t be long before the holiday season is in full swing.
There is a lot that goes on in the month of October. We have the celebration of Columbus Day or in states like mine, Native American day. In the world of sports, the baseball playoffs will lead to the crowning of a World Series champion. At the same time, the NBA and NHL will both begin their seasons.
October is also the first full month of fall and the weather is already starting to turn around here. Oh, and the last day of the month is Halloween. We can’t forget about that one.

If you don’t know the purpose of this thread, it is fairly simple. There are three tables. The first is a breakdown of my reading statistics from the previous month. The second is a table where I list my book purchases throughout this month. The final table is where I list all the books I have read during the month of October.
This is so you can constantly keep track of what I’m doing with audiobooks this month. I’ll sticky this post to the top of the articles page so it can be accessed easily.



Click here to view my August 2015 reading statistics. As you can see, September was a much better month for my reading than was August. September was my best month since June. A lot of that can be attributed to reading so many Star Wars books as I mentioned last month.
In actuality, September could have been better. I was sick for a week in late September and that caused my reading to drop off somewhat.

Reading Statistics for September 2015
Books Read First Time Reads Minutes Read Approximate Pages Read Average Days Required to Complete a Book Average Rating per Book
14 14 5941 4478 0.6 7.73

A couple of things that I found interesting. September was the first month of 2015 in which every book I read was a first time read. Every other month I had managed to go back to an old favorite but that did not happen last month.
I read more books in September than I did in January but fewer minutes. That’s the product of reading several shorter books and one that was pretty long.


Click here to view my purchases in September 2015. It was a bigger than usual month of purchases for me. This was due to a combination of factors. There were several books I pre-ordered and paid for prior to September. There was also a big $4.95 sale at Audible last month and a lot of books on my wishlist ended up on that sale.
October should be on the lighter side. I’m setting money aside more for November to take advantage of Black Friday sales. There are a few titles I want in October and will probably pick up about a half dozen. Plus, you never know what store might have a sale, Audible seems to have one a month.

Books Purchased in October 2015
Title Author Narrator Publisher
Wool Hugh Howey Amanda Sayle Audible Studios
Wool Hugh Howey Minnie Goode Broad Reach Publishing
Shift Hugh Howey Tim Gerard Reynolds Hugh Howey
Dust Hugh Howey Tim Gerard Reynolds Broad Reach Publishing
Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman Patrick Egan Random House Audio
Unmanned William M. Arkin William M. Arkin Hachette Audio
Armada: A Novel Ernest Cline Wil Wheaton Random House Audio
Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music John Fogerty John Fogerty Hachette Audio
Got to Give the People What They Want: True Stories and Flagrant Opinions from Center CourtGot to Give the People What They Want Jalen Rose Jalen Rose Random House Audio

There are a few books coming out in October that I am interested in and they’re mostly biographies. Still, this is a good month to pick up a few that have been on my wishlist for awhile now. However, saving money is the main goal.


Click here to view all the books I read in September.
I feel like I have hit a nice reading groove and that October has the potential to be a big month.

Books Read in October 2015
Title Start Date Finish Date
ZooZoo 10/01/2015 10/01/2015
Got to Give the People What They Want: True Stories and Flagrant Opinions from Center CourtGot to Give the People What They Want 10/06/2015 10/06/2015
Star Wars: Darth Plagueis 10/13/2015 10/16/2015
Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age 10/16/2015 10/??/2015

Keep checking this post as I update it regularly throughout the month with reads and purchases. If you have a comment on something I’ve read or purchased, have a book recommendation or have found a bargain somewhere, this is the post to comment on.