Two Consecutive Months of Writing

I have now officially written every day for two straight months. Well, that’s not exactly true. I have posted a new entry every day for two consecutive months but have actually not written daily. That’s the beauty of being able to bank a few entries at a time.

Today, I was frustrated. One of my goals is to be better at HTML. I mean better in a way that works for my readers who can actually see this site. I’m having trouble with column spacing on tables. I’m told that my table columns are too close together and so I’ve been trying to figure out how to add some spacing between them to make things easier to read. I was sure that I had it, I used a tutorial and was told it didn’t work. It was the best I could do and it has me a little discouraged. These things aren’t so much an issue for me using a screen reader since it can figure that kind of stuff out but still, most people who read this can actually see and I want to do it better for them. It was very discouraging.

It is also discouraging that I seem to have acquired a urinary track infection. I still have my cold, it is hovering in my nose and throat but I guess that wasn’t enough to contend with because I have the familiar symptoms of aN UTI and it sucks.

Ginny seems to be having issues as well. I’ve got to be careful with what kind of food I give her because she has digestive issues and those are not always easy to clean up when they end up on my floor. Well, she seems to be having one of those days. So I’m taking here out once every 90 minutes or so and I might not get much sleep tonight. Still, better that than me having to attempt to clean up an indoor mess. Not to get too graphic but my biggest issue is if it is not solid and my next biggest issue is that I have absolutely no gag reflex.

Tomorrow is October 1 and I couldn’t be happier. As hard as I tried to make September a positive month, it just did not end up working out that way. There was being sick the last ten days, the discouragement of earlier today, bad news from a friend and probably some other stuff I’m blocking out at the moment. So tomorrow is the start of a new month and that means a fresh chance to get things back on track. That’s how I have to look at it anyway.