‘The Big Bang Theory’: S09/E01 – ‘The Matrimonial Momentum’ Review

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Grade: C+

Title Season Number Episode Number Episode in Series Written by Directed by Appearances by Air Date My Grade
The Matrimonial Momentum #09 #01 #184 Chuck Lorre, Jim Reynolds, Maria Ferrari Mark Cendrowski Kevin Sussman (Stuart), Laurie Metcalf (Mary Cooper), Jim Meskimen (Minister), Louise Claps (Receptionist) 09/21/2015


When we last saw our favorite physicists at the end of season 8, Leonard and Penny were headed to Las Vegas to get married. Leonard put that plan into question when he confessed to kissing another woman on his ocean voyage between the sixth and seventh season. Meanwhile, Amy reached her breaking point with Sheldon and asked him for time to think things through. It was then revealed that Sheldon had a ring and was planning to propose.


The main plot revolves around Leonard and Penny’s Las Vegas wedding and the fallout of Leonard’s confession in the eighth season finale. The couple decides to go with a package that would allow the ceremony to be streamed so their friends could watch back home.
Before they can get married, Sheldon calls to inform Leonard that Amy has broken up with him. Despite some misgivings, they do eventually exchange wedding vows.
Later in the evening, Leonard gives Penny more details of the kiss, which made him feel guilty and awkward. It is revealed that Leonard still sees this girl at work. Penny is not pleased that it took him until now to mention it.
They head back home and spend their nights in separate apartments. Leonard knows he messed up pretty bad and in a following scene, Howard, Bernadette and Stuart question whether or not the marriage is over.


Amy has told Sheldon that she needs time to decide the future of their relationship. In typical Sheldon fashion, he determines that 11 hours is an appropriate amount of time. His reasoning is that it takes 11 hours to watch “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and Amy described that as an eternity.
The story intersects with the main plot when the gang gathers at Howard and Bernadette’s to watch the wedding. Sheldon is his typical self with Amy and that is enough to make her decide that their relationship is over. Their fight makes it difficult for anyone to pay attention to the ceremony.
Later on, Stuart tells Amy that she did the right thing and that maybe it’s time for her to do the wrong thing. Amy’s response is to point out that Stuart is doing the wrong thing now.
There is a nice scene with Sheldon and his mother in which he calls to inform her that he and Amy have broken up. He suggests sending the ring back, but Mary tells him to hold on to it for awhile. Thus proving that Mary Cooper is the smartest person on this show.


There is a scene with Penny and Sheldon in her apartment. They attempt to comfort one another and it actually goes fairly well at first. Then Penny lets it slip that she knew that Amy was thinking of breaking things off with Sheldon and may have unintentionally encouraged her to do so.


  • Now Penny has a last name.
  • Is anyone surprised that Sheldon managed to put a damper on Leonard’s wedding without being physically present?
  • I would attend weddings more often if they served cinnamon rolls.
  • Sheldon recognizes that making other people feel awkward is his and Amy’s “thing”.
  • When will someone point out that Sheldon needed time away from everything, including Amy, and ended up bussing around the country for several months?
  • It is established that only Sheldon and Mary know about the ring. What will happen when everyone else finds out? Can they hold off on revealing it to Amy until episode 200?
  • A quick Vegas wedding that friends and family can stream online sounds like my kind of wedding.
  • Did Leonard start working on his wedding vows the day he and Penny met?
  • Was I the only one who wanted to watch ‘Toy Story’ when this episode was over?


This was definitely an episode with more situation than comedy. There were laughs, but they were mostly of the chuckle variety. Emotional episodes are needed from time to time to maintain believability and foster character development. However, because this is a sitcom, it does make it harder to grade the episode when one of the main goals of a sitcom is to make people laugh.


I give this episode a C+ grade. It isn’t the lack of big laughs that bothered me, I was quite entertained by a lot of the Sheldon and Amy stuff, but more because this felt like a transition episode. It was an episode meant to tie up old storylines and transition to new ones. Even though it featured a fairly big event with the wedding, it still doesn’t feel all that consequential.


In order to do a thorough review, I will view an episode multiple times before writing my review. However, my intent is to grade the episode based off of my initial impression. I use a standard A to F grading scale and strive to judge each episode on its own merit.