One of my ‘Would You Rather’ Games is Coming to Pass

In Would You Rather? #6: Who Needs Sleep? I pondered only getting 3 hours of sleep a day or having to sleep for 15. Today I feel like I’ve gotten pretty close to sleeping 15 hours a day. I’ve been asleep most of the day.

I feel like this illness or cold or whatever is working its way out of my system. Even though I slept most of today, I actually feel better than I have the past few days. In the earliest couple of days, Sunday and Monday sleep did not come easy to me at all. So now that I am able to sleep, perhaps I am making up for lost time.

There’s not going to be a Nitrocap this week. I’m still feeling light headed and that’s not the best condition in which to do a review. I’m afraid that being light headed I might understand Mongo’s announcing and I just can’t handle that possibility. I’ll probably do two next week and retroactively set one as if it had posted last night.

Really, I’m anxious to go out. I haven’t really been out all week which means that I am in need of groceries. Aside from that, I still would like to go to the movies at some point. I’m just tired of being stuck inside my apartment. I’m hoping that one more good night sleep and a couple rounds of medication will be enough to make going out a possibility.