Would You Rather? #9: Whatcha Talkin’ bout Moe?

The title of today’s bonus game of Would You Rather is dedicated to my friend Mia. There’s no special reason other than that I know it will make her smile and I love doing that for her.

Anyway, you’re getting two of these this week. Yesterday, I tackled a sports related question that I could not resist. However, that was actually the second question I got when I went to Either.io this week. Today’s question was the first to come up. Usually, I go with the first question but refresh the page just to see what the next random question would have been. I loved that sports question but I also wanted to do this one and thus you’re getting two. Besides now I don’t have to write another post while watching football. In fact, I may do one of these on Saturday and one on Sunday for as long as football season is going on. We shall see.


Usually this is the space where I analyze the question. I weigh the pros and cons of each choice, talk about what the question does and does not allow for and go wildly off topic. There is no need for much of that in this case, however.


I think ebonics sounds cool, I’m not going to lie. However, I don’t think ebonics sounds cool at all when it comes out of white people. One of my pet peeves is white people speaking ebonics because it always sounds so fake. I’m very white and from the state of South Dakota. As a result, I do not feel qualified to speak ebonics.
I’m sure there are white people who can do it and sound cool but I’m not one of them. I don’t know anyone who would qualify as one of them. It bothers me more with women. I know some tny white women who speak in ebonics, even in Facebook posts and I always think: “you’re a tiny white girl from a small town in Minnesota, you don’t know ghetto and you have no homies.” As lame as they sound I would be a thousand times worse, though. Does that sound mean? I guess it does but seriously it just comes off as so lame.
I think I’d like to hear Ric Gillespie speak in ebonics on Skype. Ric has no business making such an attempt but with his voice it wouldn’t be lame it would be five star fantastic.

Here’s the other reason I’d rather understand no slang whatsoever. Slang is always changing and keeping up with what is the right term for what is kind of lame. Plus, some slang terms also sound idiotic and I feel like I’d be much happier not knowing. I speak very little slang as it is so it isn’t as though I would really miss it.


As usual, vote in the poll, leave a comment and if you blog about this one yourself, let me know and I will link to it in next week’s post.

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