Would You Rather? #8: Super Bowl or World Series

Welcome back to Would You Rather the game where I am given two choices and must pick which of them is most appealing to me. Last week, we discussed which period of time we’d want to visit, the beginning of civilization or the end of it.

This week Either.io gave me a question I could sink my teeth into.


Ah, a sports question, it is about time I get one of these. This one appeals to me as someone who loves both football and baseball. Winning either the Super Bowl or World Series would be a huge accomplishment. In other news, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, water is wet and up is not down.
Winning either of these sports prizes could set a person up for life. Football players make big money but baseball players actually make bigger money thanks to guaranteed contracts, longer careers, no salary cap and so on. Football is obviously the more popular sport in the United States but if you suffer enough concussions you might not remember winning the Super Bowl anyway.

I’m kind of a traditionalist and in that sense baseball would be more appealing. The Super Bowl will turn 50 this year but the World Seriesis over 100 years old. I feel like legendary World Series performances are remembered longer and feel slightly more iconic. Of course, neither of these options say that you actually play or play well. You could be the 53rd man on the Super Bowl winner or at the end of the bench on the baseball team. It doesn’t say you’re scoring 4 touchdowns in a single game like Al Bundy or hitting a game 7 ending walk off 9th inning grand slam. You get to win, it doesn’t say you play a key role or any role for that matter.

I wonder if my answer to this question would change if there were other factors? Would I rather win the World Series on my favorite team or win the Super Bowl on my least favorite team? Win the World Series for the Braves or the Super Bowl for the Vikings, as it were. I’m using that as an example because the majority of responders picked winning the Super Bowl so it would be interesting to see what might change their mind.


This was easily the toughest “Would You Rather” decision I have had to make so far. I went with baseball because even though football is more popular and more people would watch the Super Bowl, the world series is timeless. If you win the World Series the right way, you can get a movie made about you. Baseball movies are better than football movies in my opinion.
I’m not surprised the Super Bowl is the most popular choice. I don’t usually mention percentages but in this case it is 60% to 40%. Younger people would probably favor the Super Bowl in far greater numbers as baseball doesn’t appeal as much to youth. But I’m still of an age where even though baseball wasn’t as popular as football there were still a lot of big baseball moments in my life.


I’ll have another edition of ‘Would You Rather’ tomorrow! As usual, please vote in the polls, leave comments and if you blog about this topic let me know and I will link to it in next week’s post.

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