The Presidential Election Royal Rumble Pool

The other day, when former Presidential candidate Rick Perry dropped out of the race, I was talking to my main man Art Shimko. We decided that given the number of major party candidates this year we really should have done a Presidential candidate Royal Rumble pool.

A realization struck me this afternoon, however. Much like his campaign itself, Rick Perry’s involvement is unnecessary. We still have plenty of candidates to make such a thing work.

Here is my idea of how this would work. I would take the candidates from the Democratic and Republican side and head over to I would randomize the list from 1 to whatever. I would then take the list of pool participants and perform the same task.
If we have more pool participants than major party candidates, then we can bring in third party candidates. Think of that like watching the WWE Royal Rumble, having the #13 in your pool only to see The Brooklyn Brawler or Heath Slater come out.

When a candidate drops out of the race or does not receive his/her party’s nomination, they and their owner are eliminated from the pool. The winner of the pool would be determined on election night in 2016.

Entry into the pool would be at no cost. Presidential elections, including their campaign ads cost enough in sanity as it is no need to charge extra.

I feel this is a good idea because the election is still over a year away and the circus is already in high gear. Given the fact that Pro Wrestling is a more respectable industry than politics these days why not have some fun with it and introduce the Royal Rumble to politics?

If anyone is interested in such an idea, let me know by leaving a comment on this post, hitting me up on Twitter or getting at me on Facebook.