Would You Rather? #6: Who Needs Sleep?

Welcome to the sixth edition of Would You Rather. This is the game where I take a question at random from Either.io and put forth my answer for your reading enjoyment. I also provide a poll each week so you can answer each question for yourself.

Last week I tackled a question about first names. It wasn’t the best question of the bunch I’ve answered thus far but I think we make up for that a bit this week.

This week’s question is about something that goes in cycles for me. It is all about sleep and for me I can run hot and cold on sleep. I’m often getting either too much or not enough sleep. It is hard for me to stay in the sweetspot. So with that in mind, here’s the question.


This is a tough question for me to answer but not because I don’t lack any kind of context. There have been days where I felt lucky to get three hours of sleep. There are also days where I probably have slept close to 15 hours in a day. So in this case I’ve experienced both ends of the sleep extreme.
Getting not enough sleep is obviously bad for you. Getting too much sleep really isn’t much better, however. So I guess this question is really about which set of problems you would rather deal with and I think those problems would be different for each person.
Also, this is one of those questions that is very close on either.io. I usually don’t put how that website’s audience has voted in my post because I don’t want it influencing anyone who might read these and ask themselves the same question. I won’t say which one is ahead but I will say that one option has 52% of support and the other 48% of support which means they are really very close. Enough background time to declare myself and explain why.


This came down to one deciding factor for me and that factor was time. Sleeping for 15 hours a day means you only have 9 hours to cram in a full day’s worth of activity before you must return to bed. If you had a normal work schedule that would take care of your entire day right there.
The fact is I want to be able to do stuff. Read, listen to music, play with my dog, go out with friends, watch TV, try romance (hey, in a world where I have to choose between 3 and 15 hours asleep a day I can pretend that I could possibly have a girlfriend) and so much more. Sleeping only 3 hours a day would leave me in a terrible mood after awhile but some people would argue that I’m in a terrible mood most of the time anyway.
It is hard to manage on very little sleep but before I was put on ambien I managed alright. Also, it would be quite difficult to force yourself into sleep for 15 hours every single day and I think forcing yourself to do that on a daily basis would be harder than trying to function on just three hours.
That’s my story and I’m sticking too it. I want to be awake 21 hours a day so I can do more stuff. How about you? I hope some people vote in the poll this week or leave comments because I find this one to be really interesting.


That concludes our would you rather series for this week. Join me next Saturday at 12:00 PM Central to see what question either.io spits out next.

7 thoughts on “Would You Rather? #6: Who Needs Sleep?

  1. As much as I value my time, I’d rather have to sleep fifteen-hours, and here’s why: If your body were to only get three-hours of sleep on a regular basis, you’d eventually fall asleep and/or ill while doing something vitally important (driving, operating a chainsaw, etc.), and that’s a risk I’d rather not take. I’m well aware that too much sleep can also create problems, but nothing like falling asleep at the wheel of an automobile.

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