College Football Pick’em Starts This Week

This is the first week of College Football Pick’em. We’ve got 14 exciting weeks of College Football ahead of us and we’ve got 14 exciting weeks of wondering if my friend Euan remembered to pick the games or not.

So far, only 5 people have signed up for our College Pick’em group on Yahoo! we can do better than that. If you can read this post and want to play, you are more than welcome.

Even if you know little to nothing about college football, I find this easier to do well at than the Pro Pick’em game because not all schools are created equally, especially during the first few weeks of the season.

Here is what you do. Click here to be taken to Yahoo Sports’ College Football Pick’em page.

Then elect to join a group. You’re going to want to join a private group for this one.

The Random Catastrophe fans group can be joined by entering in the following information when asked:

  • Enter the group ID 1038
  • Enter the password Euanisbadatthis

The password is indeed case sensative.

All you have to do is name your entry and set your preferences and you are good to go. Then while you are there you may as well make your selections for the week and don’t forget to enter the tiebreakers! All you are picking is straight up winners and losers. No need to concern yourself with the spread or confidence points.

If you can remember to make your picks every week, you’re guaranteed to do better than Euan. I know I’m going to get a Skype call from Euan in protest but history is on my side.