The Little Things can Accumulate

Sometimes, you don’t need a really major life development or piece of news to indicate that things are going well. Sometimes, you know because you see an accumulation of little things all in a stretch and it is those that show you your good fortune.

I’ve had a few minor things break my way lately. For example, on Sunday I found two books that I have wanted to purchase on sale at Amazon. The Kindle versions were $1.99 each and because they were whispersync for voice compatable, I was able to get the audio versions at a discount to go with them.
If I had looked on Saturday those books would have been more expensive. If I had looked on Monday they would have been more expensive and I know this because I did look on Monday.

Also on Sunday I was updating my subscription information for SiriusXM and I came upon an interesting bit of news. Turns out that the subscription I was under is no longer offered by the satellite radio company. If I switched to their all access plan which was basically what I had anyway under a different name I could save a few bucks on my bill each month. We’re talking from 27.33 to $22.77 and that includes taxes.

I wouldn’t have been updating my SiriusXM information and I probably wouldn’t have browsed for those books on Amazon on Sunday if not for the fact that I needed to update my debit card information. So having my card stolen ended up resulting in me being able to get 2 great books at a good price and my saving some money on my satellite radio subscription. I mean I can’t tell you when I would have logged in to my SiriusXM account again if I didn’t need to make a change to my payment method.

Add to that what I outlined yesterday and a lot of small but good things have broken my way in the past few days.

I think there is a lesson to be learned from this. Yes, you can know that things are going well if a major thing happens and it goes your way such as: a new job, a promotion, a new relationship, good financial fortune or winning a contest. You can also assess the quality of your life by taking stock of the little things, watch them accumulate over time and become something bigger.
A penny isn’t much but we’d all probably like to double that penny every day for a month. If you did that, by the end of September you would be a millionaire.

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