Commercial Free Hulu

Today, Hulu announced a new commercial free service for $11.99 a month. This means there are essentially three different versions of Hulu for you to pick from if you are so inclined.
The first is the free version. Can’t be watched on a mobile device, tablet or streaming box. Has less content than the pay version and it also runs with ads.
The $7.99/month plan. You can watch on mobile, tablet and streaming devices, have a wider content library and it does still contain ads.
The $11.99/month version. Features the same content lineup but with the exception of 7 series from ABC and NBC runs without commercial interruption.

So the question I must ask myself, is $4 extra per month worth it for no commercial interruption? I say no commercial interruption because the 7 series that will still contain commercials are not shows I ever watch.

This is an interesting question because it goes back to my article ‘A Question of Worth’. I need to evaluate the situation and see if I would want the upgrade.
Currently, my Hulu subscription is on hold until October. That’s the nice thing about Hulu as far as I’m concerned. If I anticipate that I’m not going to use it a lot or at all during a given month I can just put it on hold and come back to it when I am ready. I do this a couple months out of the year when I know I’m going to be busy, know I might be away from home for awhile or want to tuck that extra few bucks aside for a larger purpose.

I don’t watch Hulu as much as I watch Netflix during a given month. One reason for that might be that Netflix is commercial free and I would prefer to watch without ads. So that would actually suggest I should give the new commercial free version of Hulu a chance when I take my subscription off hold.
However, for the first time this would result in my paying more for Hulu per month than I do for Netflix. Both plans are $7.99 a month but I get charged salestax on the Netflix plan and don’t for Hulu. Granted it is only a few cents a month and a couple of dollars difference a year but the fact does remain that to get the commercial free access to Hulu I will have to pay more than I do for Netflix which is already commercial free.

I think what I will do is the obvious thing that I should do. Try it at $11.99 a month and see if that changes my viewing habits any. If it does then it will probably be worth continuing with that plan. If it does not, I can always revert back to the plan that contains the commercials.

I knew before I started writing this post what the final answer was going to be. I didn’t post this hoping I would get suggestions or advice or anything of the sort.
I just did it to show how I weigh different factors against each other to come to a decision. Yes, the decision turns out to be easy and fairly obvious but just because a decision is obvious does not negate the fact that it should be well informed.