September 2015 Positivity List

In yesterday’s post, I suggested that it might be a good idea for me to list all of the different things i am looking forward to over the next month. I reason that if I list all of those things each month it will serve as a reminder that I have positive things going on and perhaps doing this on a regular basis will help to provide stability to my mood. Besides, it is one new post a month for this blog.

The things I will list could be mondain to some people and to others it could be something that they are either not interested in or actually dreading. I’ll list each one and then talk about it briefly.

This is the debut of my ‘Things to Look Forward To’ in September 2015.

A fresh start: September 1

I think my favorite day of any month that does not include my birthday is the first day of the month. It is not because that is when I have the most money because it is also when I have to spend the most money.
I like the first day of the month because it feels like you get to start over. Whatever bad that may have happened in the previous month can be left there, you get a chance to start things off on a new and hopefully better footing.

A new diet: September 1

I am looking forward to the challenge that going on a diet will present. I’ve been researching dieting lately and the effective way to do it. I am not going to opt for dramatic changes all at once as was my original plan. I am going to ease myself into things. That actually seems to me to be the sensable way to do things anyway.
I actually started to make some adjustments last month in terms of the groceries that I buy. Still, this is kind of a new experience for me entirely and so it will be difficult at times I know.

South Dakota State Fair: September 3-7

Saturday is going to explode my dieting for a day but that’s alright because I already planned for that fact. I’m going to the fair on Saturday morning with my mom and I have a list of things I want to eat. A corn dog, funnel cake, all the milk I can drink and a bag of kettle corn for the road. Thanks to my friend Duane I am strongly considering foregoing my traditional lemonade for a strawberry smoothie.
I don’t know if I’ll ride any rides or anything like that but we’ll see. Duane and I might go out Sunday night after they stop charging to get in and walk around for awhile That will at least be good exercise. I enjoy taking in the atmosphere of the fair and maybe while I’m with my mom I’ll see how much free stuff I can get that I don’t really need.

Force Friday: September 4

I’ve already touched on this a little bit but Force Friday is about more than just the release of those novels. The new action figures will be officially out as will a bunch of other Star Wars merchandise related to the new movie. I’ll probably only buy the books but it will be nice to be apart of the excitement that comes along with just discussing it all.

Dad’s Birthday: September 10

A few people I know have birthdays in September. Even that Ric Gillespie fellow has a September birthday. Still none are more important than my dad’s. As I did with my mom, I will have a dedicated entry for my dad on his special day. Mom is planning to have some sort of gathering but has yet to commit to a date.

Football season: September 13

I don’t expect much out of the Oakland Raiders again this year although I think they will be improved over the past 3 seasons or so. I’m looking forward to seeing the kind of season that Kahlil Mack is going to have because that guy is a stud. Outside of the Raiders though, I will have another chance to enjoy hours of NFL Redzone. Plus, the opening of NFL season is traditionally when I decide it is time to make chili.

Ginny’s birthday: September 17

Yes, I know when my dog was born. That’s because she is a retired service dog and all of that information is recorded. I think I even have the names of her parents if you can believe it. Ginny will be 15 this year and she is still in pretty good health for that age. Every year with her is a bonus at this point. We have a lot of special days including her birthday and the anniversary of when we met, July 3, 2002.

New Fall TV Season: September 21

As I said yesterday, there are only a few shows that I watch with any frequency and only one that I don’t miss. So it will be good to have ‘The Big Bang Theory’ back and it will also be good to check out the new ‘Muppets’ TV series. If nothing else, I’ll be glad to have The Cancelation Bear back and ready to eat.
Even though I watch very few shows these days I follow the TV industry closely. I like to check the ratings each day and keep track of renewals and cancelations. So this time of year is when things get fun in that regard.

South Dakota Association of the Blind Annual Convention: September 25-27

Unfortunately, my chances of attending the convention in purpose are not high. However, that does not mean that I am not very proud of the work that went in to putting this event together, especially by the program/social committee. It deserves to be on this list because even if I don’t end up being their in person, I will be in spirit.

Hotel Transylvania 2: September 25

Believe it or not, one of the first things I ever blogged about when I started my first blog back in 2006 was ‘Hotel Transylvania’. I think that’s actually why the franchise has a special place in my heart. It is definitely not the best movie I’ve ever seen and I don’t expect the sequel to be the best movie I see all year. So far, nothing has taken that title away from ‘Inside Out’.
However, when I do see it I will probably have fun. I’ll go with a friend or two and we’ll probably grab dinner first and just have a good time hanging out. Sometimes, the movie is the least important part of going to a movie. If I have some laughs along the way, then so be it.

There is my positivity list for September 2015. I may have forgotten something but that’s okay, when it happens it will just be a surprise. I obviously didn’t mention things like the anniversary of 9/11 or the official end of summer. I’m trying to keep things positive but acknowledge that both of those things will also be noteworthy.

There will also be things that happen in September that I have not accounted for, surprises of sort. I think that at the end of the month I might right another post talking about what those surprises were if any. I certainly do not expect everything in September to be great or to go my way but that’s why I have this list. I can use it as a reminder if anything bad gets me down in the dumps.

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