I Made It

I made it. I have managed to add at least one new post to this website every day for a month. I’m not going to lie, it was not always easy. There were several times when I didn’t quite know what to post and that is why a few things went up so late in the evening.

I think it has been good for me to update this blog every day. I also think it will be good for me to try and keep this going as long as I can. I have some ideas for content that I have been saving for September and you’ll see why I was saving them soon enough.

One reason I think it has helped me to update daily is because it serves as a reminder that I often do more than I think. Now when I want to try and recall some of the big things I did in August all I will need to do is refer to this blog.
It has also helped me to keep better track of my mood. I can tell the entries that I wrote in a good mood from the ones I wrote while in a bad mood. I think my mood has improved in August over July. Actually, I know i am in a better place now than I was even a month ago.

I realized today that it is a good thing that I am in a better mood now. Fall will be here before I know it and as I have written before my mood and motivation tend to crash during the fall and winter months. As I’ve said previously I’ve never been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder but I just know that I have it. My mood gets worse as the weather gets worse and gets better when the weather gets better. Now you’re probably thinking, that’s everyone. However, it happens for me as the seasons actually change. We can have good fall weather in South Dakota but my mood will still be on the downside.
Anyway, with fall approaching I had a thought that worries me a little. If I wasn’t in a great mood for most of the summer to start what will happen when fall arrives and my mood gets worse? I think it could go two ways. It could either fall to a new low that I’ve never seen before or because I was already low to begin with it may just mean I don’t fall quite so far this time. Better to fall off of a single step than off of a cliff as it were. I’m sort of hoping it is the latter case but am bracing myself anyway.

There are certainly some things that will help keep me distracted in September. A bunch of new Star Wars books to read will be nice. My dad’s birthday is in September and so is my dog Ginny’s. September means the start of football season and I do love me some football. If you love football too, perhaps you’d be interested in joining my pick’em leagues?
The South Dakota State Fair is very early in the month and I always enjoy that, especially for the food.
I’m even looking forward to starting a diet. I’m going to try a mix of giving up a few things cold turkey, exercising better moderation techniques and putting in safeguards against temptation. Moderation has never been one of those things I’ve been able to do easily, actually I’m better just giving things up cold turkey so I am hoping for some self improvement in more ways than one. A couple of things that I intend to moderate are things I’d eventually like to give up entirely but will be taking slowly so as to not overwhelm my system in case something does happen to my mood around the start of fall.

September is also the start of the new fall TV season. Basically, I have ‘The Big Bang Theory’ that I watch regularly, then ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ which I watch more often than not and now I’ll have ‘The Muppets’ on ABC. That will be the extent of my non-football related TV watching. I may start watching more college football this year but if you’re going to bet on that you should know I think that every year and nothing seems to come of it.

I came up with another good reason for me to write every day as I was writing this post. As I was listing things that I am looking forward to in September, it occurs to me that I should sit down at the beginning of each month and try and think of all the things I have to look forward to in the month ahead. Perhaps this will help to remind me that not everything is ho-hum boring and it will get me thinking about things in a more positive light. Doubt I ever would have thought of that were it not for the fact I’m writing about such things now.

If you found this site at some point in August and decided to come back I say thanks. I’m glad that people have liked some of what I have been doing. I’m writing for myself but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy getting a like or a follow or a retweet of something that I have written. I hope I’ve either helped you, entertained you or at the very least distracted you from doing something at work this month. September should be interesting, so follow along with me right here at Random Catastrophe.

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