Would You Rather? #5: The Name Game

Back for another week of Would You Rather? The game where I am given two options and much determine which one I would prefer.

Last week I had to pick between giving up brushing my teeth or giving up showering. This week, the stakes aren’t quite so high…or are they?


It seems like every year we are introduced to some off-the-wall new names for babies born. Sometimes they are inspired by TV or films, literature and maybe drugs can be blamed for a few others. Still, we haven’t quite gotten to the point where naming your children after common household items is taking off.
Honestly though, this question does not require a lot of critical thought on my part. I mean neither of these is a particularly great name to have but one of them seems slightly better than the other.


We can thank former Bears legend William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry for making that an acceptable nickname. Once something has gotten a foothold as a nickname it is one step closer to being acceptable as a person’s given name. I don’t know any athlete that has the nickname dishwasher although someone who covers for a lot of his/her teammates mistakes would be a fine candidate.
I’m also thinking about the shortened version of the name given to you by friends and family. Fridge is a better short name than dish or wash.
I guess there is a negative connotation to Refrigerator as it might imply being seriously overweight. However, I’m pretty sure that the same implication exists with dishwasher and as a result it is really a push. Also with dishwasher there is always a chance that could be your occupation someday whereas it is not as likely that you’ll ever find work as a refrigerator. If parents name their child Dishwasher are they setting career aspirations low from the start? Do you expect to need brain surgery someday and be introduced to Dr. Dishwasher Johnson?

Much like a lot of the strange names we see now, keep in mind that you have to live with this thing until you are old enough to legally change it. I think some parents give their children horrible names as revenge for the fact that they never wanted kids in the first place and now their fun is spoiled. Honestly though, neither Refrigerator Trowbridge or Dishwasher Trowbridge rolls off the tongue. How the first name fits with the last is definitely something you’d need to consider.


Well, that’s it for this week. Some of these require more critical thought than others but that’s okay because they’re still fun for me and that’s what matters for the moment.

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