Ginny and I sitting on the Bed

Thursday Ramblings: I Got My Nickel Back!!!

Yesterday was National Dog Day. I was completely unaware of this fact and that’s why I didn’t write anything about Ginny. I was surprised to learn that it was National Dog Day because Ginny has me conditioned to think that every day is National Dog Day. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that Ginny has me convinced that every day is National Ginny Day. Ginny’s 15th birthday is coming up next month and so I was planning to write more about her then. But in the meantime, enjoy the featured image of this post. The picture is about 14 months old and neither Ginny or I is too excited to be in it. That will not come as a shock to anyone who has read this.

Yesterday, I took part in a committee for the South Dakota Association of the Blind which is my second SDAB meeting of the week. Generally, I dislike meetings and I always have. I always think meetings go too long even if they really don’t and I especially dislike meetings that are conducted by phone. I need to buy some Skype credits and call in using my headset it is more comfortable than pressing my iPhone up to my ear.
Even though I don’t particularly like meetings as a general rule, I actually found yesterday’s to be quite worthwhile. It was the first time I sat in on a Bylaws committee meeting and we went through all of the organization’s bylaws and looked at things that could be changed, clarified, removed or enforced better.
I think the reason I am so excited is the fact that I think all of the proposed changes we made are good ones. I think that we have done some things that will allow the organization to run more efficiently. Efficiency is a big thing for me personally. If you ask if I am for big government or small government, I will answer for efficient government.

I have no problem wasting my own time and so I will freely admit that my personal life is not as efficient as it could be. However, when it starts to involve other people that’s when things are different. I don’t want to waste the time of others and I don’t want them wasting mine either, I want to do that myself. So anything that can be done to make something run smoother and faster is probably going to be met with my support.

I was also a more active participant on Wednesday’s call than I was on Monday. I almost had to be given the difference in the number of people on the two calls. But really, this is something that I have in an interest in taking on. I’m very good at foundational work and I look at Bylaws as being foundational work. I’ve always believed that one of my more interesting character traits is that I enjoy getting projects started but have no problem passing them on to other’s at a certain point. I think if you’re going to lay a framework for your personal vision on something, you can easily do that at the beginning. If you come in during the middle or at the end you have much less influence. In an organization like SDAB, since the bylaws are the foundation on which it is built, being able to influence how those are written is a big opportunity to leave your mark.

On to other matters. I am going to that movie premier that I mentioned the other day. My friend got us tickets last night. I don’t know if I would have gone to see ‘Walt Before Mickey’ or not if not for this chance to see the movie with the writers/producers in attendance. There is a chance that I would have because I am a fan of Disney and one of my longer audiobooks is a Walt Disney biography by Neal Gabler.
I’m not sure what I will do tomorrow night. Tomorrow is one of my friend’s birthday and he doesn’t want to be alone and who can really blame him? It is no fun to be alone on your birthday but I’m sure it is harder to do when you lose your dad and sister in less than a calendar year. So we’ll probably do something tomorrow as well, even if we are also going to the movie on Saturday.

I am hoping to also have my debit card by tomorrow. Well, I’m actually hoping to have it by Monday since not having it on Tuesday is going to cause some problems. Still, if I get it in the mail tomorrow that will be perfect. Generally, I do a lot of my transacting electronically. I rarely ever write a check and don’t carry cash on me all that often either.
I suppose I could make an effort to carry more cash but that’s not going to help me too much. A lot of my transactions are done online and so it does me no good in those instances to have cash in my pocket. One school of thought is that it is easier to do a budget if you carry more cash. I try to buck that trend however by keeping a close eye on all of my transactions. I’ve
written before about my process for budgeting. I sit down at the end of each month and figure up what I am going to be spending for sure the next month and whatever is left can be spent freely.

In other debit card related news, I got an email from Wells Fargo today telling me that the investigation into the theft of my debit card is complete. I’m going to get a hard copy of this in the mail (fat lot of good it will do me but I guess i’ll have someone read it to me) but I will say that after I got that email I checked the bank balance and sure enough, I got my nickel back. Yes, that is correct. The only transaction that went through was a $0.05 charge from Apple and it was returned to me. Time to paint the town, I guess. Actually, it would have been easy for me to demonstrate that the charge wasn’t mine since all of my payments to Apple for iTunes purchases come through PayPal and not my debit card directly.

Alright, I’m done for now. As I wrote the other day, I think I really am busting out of my reading slump. After finishing ‘The Martian’ I was able to move quickly on to a new book. I’ve still got a couple of book reviews to write from earlier this month as well. Things are on the upswing in the reading department for now.

One last thing. I got an email yesterday from a website I use from time to time and it contained an offer for a fantastic shirt that I think I must purchase. If I do, I promise I will take a photo since it does not seem that there are any pictures of it already available online. Shipping is a little much but I may just have to grin and bare it.