Tuesday Ramblings

I’ve written at least twice about being in a reading slump. I wrote about my reading slump in July and that I might still be in one as of this month.

Well, that may be coming to an end. I started a great book earlier today. I don’t want to spoil what that book is, you’ll have to read the review when I get around to posting it.

I’ve been really struggling with alergies as of late. I have a slight pain in the back of my head on the left side and I am constantly sniffling. I’m sure allergies are mostly to blame for this but am keeping an eye on things just the same. I’ve never been very good at taking care of my allergies in the past but the seem to be more aggressive right now than what I am used to.

So Sting returned to WWE television last night. Sting is probably my favorite wrestler of all time, okay there’s no probably about it. Still, I’m not very enthusiastic about his WWE run. It definitely started with the build to his WrestleMania match. When I saw that the build was going to be all about WCW, I knew there was no way that HHH would lose the match…and he didn’t. WWE is so predictable in their way of doing things that you actually kind of have to look on it and marvel.
So since he lost at WrestleMania and isn’t likely to win the WWE championship at Night of Champions, I feel like I’m over the whole thing.

If all goes well, I should get my new debit card tomorrow. I hope all goes well. It is funny but it turns out that you can really miss a debit card when you don’t have one. As witnessed by my aborted trip to the gas station today to pick up some lunch.

My oldest brother brought me a new chair today. Well, I’m certain it is not a new chair but it is new to me and knewer than my old recliner. It is pretty comfortable and I am glad for the change. It is perfect to sit and listen to my mystery book. I haven’t even added it to GoodReads yet and may not until after I’ve posted the review.

I am going to end this for now. Good Tuesday to all.

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