Monday Ramblings

Once again I find myself in that odd position of needing to write today without having much to say. Actually, I have a few things I would like to say but I need to flesh them out a little better before posting them. Even the posts that I write within a day are usually things I have thought out for awhile now.

I should have written earlier today but I didn’t have much of a chance. I spent a couple hours tonight on a conference call as I am a board member, and a proud board member, of the South Dakota Association of the Blind. Our convention is next month and so we were taking care of some things in preparation of that event.
I haven’t been as active in SDAB this year as I would have liked. I have been dealing with some personal matters which have required more of my attention and have reduced the amount of attention I have paid to virtually all other aspects of my life including SDAB. There is a chance that I will even miss convention next month which is why I felt it important to be at the meeting.
I didn’t actually say much on the call tonight but it is not unusual for me to behave this way. I still feel like I am in school when it comes to a lot of details concerning the issues that SDAB deals with and advocates for. As such it is my policy to listen more than I talk. When I speak I am not learning. Learning all that I can now by listening will help me be a better and more informed leader down the road.
Although, in previous leadership positions I have employed the same strategy simply because I am not hands on. I believe in letting people who know what they’re doing do what they know.

In other news, I am going on a diet. I don’t want to discuss too much what my dieting plans are but I am going to try and diet in such a way that will allow me to keep some of my sanity. I would call it a moderately strict diet but after not feeling very well last week, I decided that it was likely due in part to my diet and that it was time I did some changes.

If all goes well, I will be attending the premier of the film ‘Walt Before Mickey’ this coming weekend in Huron. I came across this article in the newspaper today and decided that I wanted to go. It is not every day I have the chance to go to a movie premier and interact with a film’s writers and besides I kind of wanted to see this movie anyway when I saw trailers for it before both ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Minions’.

I thought of writing about the comments made by hall of fame wide receiver Chris Carter at a gathering of rookies in 2014 in which Carter suggested that they get a “fall guy” who would take the blame for any indisgressions the players found themselves in. While I never liked Carter when he played I actually found these comments to be quite awesome and in reality Carter’s probably not wrong to make those comments. I mean truthfully I bet a lot of NFL players do have those fall guys. Which if true is amazing because even if those people do exist a not insignificant number of NFL players is arrested each year.

Alright, I am done for the night. I’ll have some stuff tomorrow. I’ve got a review of ‘Take Down’ which I read a few days ago coming and I’m a couple of hours away from finishing ‘Thirteen’ which means a review of that book will be coming soon as well.

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