Would You Rather? #4: Guaranteed to Make Anyone Very Unpopular

It is time once again for my weekly game of Would You Rather where I am given two options and have to break them down before deciding which one I would rather pick.

Last week I was forced to chose between having my stupidity pointed out or being forced to fess up to it. This week’s question is not quite as probing but that is going to happen. As usual, the question this week comes from Either.io.


This might come as a surprise to some people who think they know me but hygiene is incredibly important to me. I’m less concerned with my choice of clothing than I am about being clean or at least feeling like I’m clean.
Out of everything, I am oddly obsessive about brushing my teeth. The truth is that before I used to tape podcasts with Euan and Art over Skype, about 5 minutes before logging on I would go brush my teeth.
As my friend Scott can attest to better than anyone, whenever he comes to pick me up to go somewhere either dinner, Wal-mart or whatever else, I pretty much always brush my teeth before we leave. There is also a good chance that I have just gotten out of the shower as well.

I am going to assume that this question assumes that I am living in my current apartment. The question is not clear on whether or not bath taking is still allowed. If bath taking is allowed, I would stop showering with no problem and just take baths. However, with that not being an option in my apartment since I have no tub my answer is actually pretty easy for an obvious reason.


Even though I brush my teeth several times a day and it is one of the activities I engage in to decrease nervousness, it is the one I would choose to give up in this scenario. The reason is simple, even if I were unable to brush my teeth I could still get them pretty clean using other methods. There are even tips for what you can do for your teeth when a toothbrush is not readily available. I would also have other things at my disposal for things such as bad breath.
All of that not withstanding I would rather just have dirty teeth than an entirely dirty body. I have enough trouble with my hair as it is so not being able to shower would make me go crazy in a day or two.


Well, I can honestly say that out of the 4 of these I have done this month this one has been my least favorite question. You can’t win them all and hopefully next week will be better. I always go with the first question the site presents me to force me to think critically about something that might be out of my comfort zone. As I said during Week One the whole point of this is to do some critical thinking.

I’m still enjoying writing these each week. They’re never the most popular thing on the site but that is okay. If ever one strikes a chord with an audience they will always be able to go back and see the others that I have done.

3 thoughts on “Would You Rather? #4: Guaranteed to Make Anyone Very Unpopular

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  2. As much as I value my time, I’d rather have to sleep fifteen-hours, and here’s why: If your body were to only get three-hours of sleep on a regular basis, you’d eventually fall asleep and/or ill while doing something vitally important (driving, operating a chainsaw, etc.), and that’s a risk I’d rather not take. I’m well aware that too much sleep can also create problems, but nothing like falling asleep at the wheel of an automobile.


  3. Well, now that I actually give it some more thought, if your body had to sleep for fifteen-hours, and you stayed up past your bedtime, I suppose you could fall asleep doing almost anything. So, in conclusion … What was the original question?


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