Friends, Family and Females


I have an interesting relationship with my family and by interesting I probably really mean complicated. I don’t mean complicated as in things are bad between us but complicated in the way that a lot of family relationships are complicated.
I don’t socialize a lot with any of my siblings. I mean we don’t get together for lunch or all go out for a drink or anything of the sort. I usually only see them when we are at our parent’s house for a family gathering or some other event.
This doesn’t particularly bother me in the sense that they all have jobs, significant others, children and hobbies that differ from my own. It is funny but my older brother Chad and I used to be at each other’s throats all the time when we were growing up but he is the one I feel like I have most in common with as an adult.
I see my mom quite a bit and my dad not nearly as much although since he has come down with cancer I have tried to make myself more available to him. I enjoy spending time with my nephews and niece but only up to a point as I don’t particularly relate well to children. However, as they become teenagers I feel I will relate better to them but that will also be when they don’t want to spend time with their uncle.
I have a pretty good relationship with members of my extended family. I try to go to Sioux Falls once or twice a year to spend some quality time with my cousin Shiloh. Seeing Shiloh also means I’ll see her brother Josh and his wife Christine, our uncle Jim and aunt Sheila, our uncle Tom and aunt Karen and my cousin Trevor and his wife Janna. As much as I hate to say so I even enjoy Shiloh’s daughter Leah.
My mom has 5 siblings and all of them live within the state of South Dakota except for her sister and her family. There are also first and second cousins near by and so I think I see members of her family on a more frequent basis than is probably typical for your average American in 2015.

I see my dad’s side of the family far less often as they are spread out further. My aunt Inez and uncle Bob live in town as does their daughter Bobbie but everyone else is spread out further. Also, when it comes to cousins the ones on my mom’s side are a lot closer in age than the ones on my dad’s side. So I don’t see them as often but it always does feel a little more special when we do get together.

I certainly consider my family relationships to be the most settled out of the three I am discussing in this post. The least settled group are going to be covered next.