Reading Slump: The Continuation

On the first official day of I wrote about my reading slump in the month of July. If you’ve been tracking my progress this month you’ll notice that things aren’t much better although I did get off to a good start.

I guess it is all a matter of perspective. These days reading only 4 books is considered a slump. A few years ago if I had read 4 books in 4 months that would have been considered a triumph.

I wonder if i shouldn’t take a different approach to trying to get out of my slump. I wonder if I would be better off revisiting old favorites than I am trying to find something new to read? I had a good time earlier this month reading ‘The Wal-Mart Effect’ which is definitely an old favorite but it was also fun to read ‘Detroit: An American Autopsy’ for the first time. Yet since I finished ‘Detroit’ I haven’t been able to get into anything that I have tried.

I can’t even tell at this point if I’m struggling to read a book because of the book or because of me. This is why I think revisiting an old favorite might be a good idea. If I struggle to read something I know I love, that tells me that the problem probably doesn’t lie with the books I have been trying as of late.
The easiest thing for me to try would be to read a Star Wars book. However, I am purposely trying to avoid doing that because of the number of Star Wars books I know I will be reading next month. With 5 books coming out on Sept. 4 and 3 more on Sept. 22 that is 8 books for the month. Most of them are going to be short as they’re meant for young readers but still. However, that won’t be enough to convince me that my slump is over because Star Wars is a bit of an outlier for me. In other words, reading 8 Star Wars books isn’t going to prove to be the end of my reading slump if I don’t read anything else at all next month.

If the problem is concentration I can say that it only seems to be a problem reading. I have been listening to more podcasts as of late including some that are pretty lengthy.

So if anyone has any suggestions or advice I would certainly be open to it. Go back to the familiar or branch out further into the unfamiliar? I would very much like this slump to end however as Audiobook reviews are something I enjoy putting on the site and I do have reading goals for this year.

As I said earlier it is all a matter of perspective. I’m in a reading slump that is now at least 2 months old but I’ve read more this year than I ever have in my life. Is that why I’m having so much trouble lately? Did I pace myself poorly back in March and April when I read a combined 43 books? I don’t know but right now I have more questions than answers and more problem than solution.

On a completely unrelated note, for some reason I got more likes for yesterday’s post than for anything else I’ve written since I launched this site back on 8/1 and I have no idea why. I’m not complaining, I just didn’t see that coming yesterday.

Also, the sun is out today and that makes me happy but I’m still feeling pretty tired. I wonder if being so tired has something to do with my reading slump? I suppose it is possible but listening to someone read a book doesn’t exactly require a lot of energy. Of course if I am tired my concentration powers are going to be weaker. Okay, that’s enough for now, I promise.