I spent a good portion of the day asleep. I think the primary reason for this is that I didn’t really sleep much at all yesterday and my body wanted to play catchup.

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday and we had a nice celebration out at the house. Three of her 4 brothers were there, as were my two brothers and my dad was there after having been released from the hospital on Saturday. My sister had to work, unfortunately.
As my nephew’s birthday was two days prior one of his friends was there along with his sister and their mother. I had never met them before but had a nice chat with the boy’s mother as we were eating dinner.
A lot of laughs were had and most of them were prompted by my dad. My dad suggested to my uncle Joel that he aught to write “no hunting” on his Tractor tires and Joel got a kick out of that and started to think of other things he could write on his tractor. I’m not describing it nearly as well as it actually played out.

The day was great but didn’t go entirely as I had planned. Originally, I was going to order some food from Schwans for a cookout. Well, last Monday I got an email notifying me that my delivery driver would not be making his usual rounds and that my next service date would be 8/26. This was a real disappointment for me personally but this kind of thing happens. So we stopped at the store yesterday and got a few things.

My mom told me all she wanted for her birthday was my presence at dinner. I decided that when my dad went in to the hospital that she was going to get more than that. I bought her season 2 of ‘The Golden Girls on DVD because it is her favorite show ever and if that’s not true it comes close to topping that list. I figured after the week she had, she could use the laugh. I would have gotten her the Complete Series but couldn’t afford it. I had given her season 1 for Christmas a few years ago.

I made a few purchases myself today. I bought ‘Muppets from Space’ off of iTunes for $9.99. I now own all but 2 of the Muppet films on digital missing only ‘Muppet Treasure Island’ and ‘The Great Muppet Caper’. I make it a habit to check the movie sales every Monday night at 11:00 PM when they change over for a new week and was very happy to see that one last week. When I checked tonight, I was happy to see ‘Remember the Titans’ available and that makes me even happier. I’ll definitely buy that one at some point this week.

I bought a couple of audiobooks as well. I bought ‘How to Build an Android’ from Downpour.com for $5.95. This actually led to a fun twitter discussion between myself and whomever was overseeing the Downpour twitter account at the time. A good time was had by us both. I’d read this book a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Glad to have it in my collection now.
The other book is called ‘Take Down’ and it was the Audible Audible.com/DailyDeal”>Daily Deal for 8/17. This book is a mystery and I thought I might like it. It was only $2.95 so even if I don’t it isn’t a very expensive miss.
My July Reading Slump appeared to be over in early August but it has actually returned as my reading has slowed over the past week or so. Now I’m not as sure that I will hit my goal of reading 150 books by the end of the year. There are something like 8 Star Wars audiobooks coming out in September though so that will help a bit.

In the “it pays to procrastinate” department comes this bit of news. A few months ago I was contacted to take part in a survey for a program I was involved in a couple of years ago. My reward for taking this survey would be $25. I called to take the survey but when I did nobody was around who could give it to me so we tried to set up another time. Well, that never ended up working out for several reasons and I never got it taken. The other day I got an email again asking me to take the survey and this time they said I would receive $75. So this morning, I called and took it. Granted, $75 isn’t really a lot but I’ll take it. I can make that amount of money last a long time let me tell you.

I am done writing for now I think. I’ve been thinking of some of the ideas I’ve had for posts on the site. I have some ideas that I can’t start until next month, one of which I am particularly excited about. I think until then that most of my posts will be personal updates and if I can ever finish one, another audiobook review. I know I posted 3 reviews recently but those were all of books I read in either May or June. I’ve got another couple of reviews like that to get up as well.

I think that will be it for now. I am supposed to have a 2:30 PM meeting tomorrow concerning with the manager of my apartment building. This is nothing major or that I am particularly worried about, just one of those things that must be done once a year.

One thing I want to write about soon is my appreciation for what is easily my favorite podcast going today, I speak of course of ‘The Lapsed Fan’ wrestling podcast. Until then, I must find something to write about for 8/18.

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