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Would you rather? #3: A Stupid Question

I’m back for week three of Would You Rather? the game where I am given two choices and must pick between the two of them.

Last week, I had to pick between watching only comedy or only watching drama. This week is all about stupidity.

As usual, the question comes to you this week courtesy of


This is one of those questions where it is easy to determine the reason a person would give either answer. The question is reallly whether or not you can admit to being wrong.
If you would rather be called out for stupidity, you are in effect saying better someone else point out my failure than me have to admit it. You would feel more humiliated by admitting it than you would be by having it pointed out by someone else. If there is another reason why someone would rather be called out for stupidity, I haven’t thought of it yet.


There are a few people whom I have known in my life that would probably be surprised tto hear this would be my choice. I have been accused multiple times over the years by multiple people that I have trouble admitting when I am wrong. I realize that these aren’t entirely the same thing because I could still exhibit stupidity and have it work out for me in the end. However in this scenario my stupidity isn’t going to be something I can hide. I either fess up or someone else makes it known to the world. This is why I am using the same approach that I would use if it were a question of admitting I was wrong.

The people who have accused me of not being able to admit when I am wrong are confusing that for being willing to stand by my position until I know longer can. How to argue and refute an argument are the skills I developed well during my time on the High School debate team. I don’t enjoy admitting when I am wrong or when I have been bested in an argument and will do what I can to make sure that doesn’t happen but when the time is right I am certainly capable.

I mainly picked to admit my stupidity because that puts me in control of the message. I would rather be given the chance to explain myself than have to sit there as someone points it out to me as I am unable to answer back. Admitting to it myself at least gives me the opportunity to frame it in such a way that I don’t end up looking as bad as I could if it were someone else pointing it out.


Feel free to leave a comment explaining your answer. If you end up blogging about this one, let me know and I will share the link.

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