Humanity Hits Rock Bottom, Continues Digging

The headline is one of my favorite sayings whenever the human race lets me down. A more and more frequent occurrance as time marches on quite frankly.

So I’ll probably use that headline again in the future.

Today’s example Florida dog owner finds Pomeranian dead with note: ‘We beat it 2 death lol HAHAHA! we should all be so proud of humanity when we see things like this.

Personally, I suggest that if these low lives are ever caught, everything they did to the dog should be done to them and at the end we’ll find out if it is still “lol hahaha!”

I’m being a little sarcastic, at least I’d like to think so but one does have to wonder what has happened to the concept of respect in this world. Granted, a vast majority of people would never act in this fashion but think of all of the ills in this world that could be greatly reduced if people were still taught basic rules of respect for people and property. A lot of this type of behavior can be tied in with a culture that does nothing but promote self indulgence. “I need to get my rocks off and it sucks for you if it has to come at your expence. I’m only interested in how it will impact me.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tell some kids to get off my damn lawn.