Interesting Weekend

There’s an ancient Chinese curse that says: “May you live in interesting times’. By that standard, I was cursed this weekend.

Saturday I was awoken from a nap by a friend with a Facebook message. His sister had passed away earlier that day. I had a splitting headache but got up when he came over to keep him company for awhile. How could I not? I didn’t want him to be alone. It is the least I could have done.

Then, I got a text from my sister. My dad was in the ER with severe stomach pain. My dad has been having health issues for months, he is currently on chemo therapy for some really serious cancer. At 2:30 or so Sunday morning, she messaged me on Facebook and told me that he contracted a fever of 103 degrees. My mom was working at the time and left work to be with him at the hospital.
I talked to her at about 10 AM yesterday and they had gotten his fever down to 100 degrees. Then at 6:45 it was around 99 degrees. After my AAA happenings last night, I went up to see him at the hospital. He was up watching the Hall of Fame game which didn’t surprise me since he’s a Vikings fan.
We left when they came to help him to bed. As weak as he is, he was able to do everything she wanted to do to get himself in bed. His lab work this morning was better and my mom was headed back to the hospital and that was the last update I got.

Also on Saturday, I found out that a good friend of mine from High School had gone to the ER in Sioux Falls with chest pains. They were running tests to see if he had a heart attack or something. I still need to follow up on that.

I found out today that the delivery I had scheduled from Schwans for Wednesday will not be made, I’m guessing there is an issue with the driver because my parent’s delivery tomorrow was also taken off the schedule. This was disappointing because my mom’s birthday is Sunday and I had ordered some steaks and a Strawberry Mango pie. I like Schwans food quit a bit, actually and got some good deals. So I’m just going to hold today’s order over until the 26th.

In probably the best news of the weekend, I had a friend over and we were looking through some DVDs I had and I found a disc that contained some audiobooks that I thought were lost. I had burned the 12 main books in the Left Behind series on to a DVD a few years ago when I got my new computer and for awhile the disc disappeared. I knew it hadn’t left the apartment but other than that I did not know where it had gone. It would have taken me a lot longer to find the disc myself because even though it was labeled that wasn’t going to do me a fat lot of good.

Perhaps I’ll start reading through all of them again now that everything has been found. Although, the reading slump I had in July seems to be back. I’ve found it hard to find my next book after reading/reviewing ‘The Wal-Mart Effect’.

The key to the whole weekend is that I was able to remain oddly calm. I say oddly calm because a lot of the bad news surrounding my dad this year has put me on edge. I don’t know if it is personal growth and I’m able to keep my emotions in check or if I’m still pretty numb to it all and what’s one more piece of bad news?

So that’s basically the highlights and or low lights of my weekend. Hope you all are well.