TripleMania 23 sucked but my Cable Company Doesn’t

Earlier I promised a post on tonight’s TripleMania 23 show which I ordered on Pay-Per-View.

It was supposed to be a post with comments on the matches we watched that I was writing down as we watched them. I had to abandon that strategy pretty early and this is why. I think the name of this show was fitting because if you triple the number 23, you come up with the number of degrees to which this night was a failure.

This show was a disaster. Anyone who ordered the show knows about the audio and video difficulties that were experienced throughout the broadcast. Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch said this about the show:

That certainly summed up things in the early portion of the night anyway.

After the second match though is when things got weird for me. The show cut away as they were setting up for the Trios title match. It went back to the guide screen. We waited a few minutes and assumed that it was an issue with the broadcast. After confirming that it wasn’t I called my cable company for assistance.

I hear so many horror stories about people getting poor customer service from their cable company, particularly if that company is Comcast or in the case of Karl Stern Centurylink. But I get good customer service from my cable company and it is one reason I’ve never seriously considered cutting the chord.

Tonight was no different. I called, talked to a guy who was very helpful and very sorry to put me on hold several times. Nevertheless, that is what he did as once they had to work extra hard to find TripleMania 23 in their listings. I guess that should be a sign as to how few people in my area ordered the show.

Anyway, after some time on hold and working to resolve the issue of the PPV disappearing in the middle of the broadcast, the guy decided he was going to re-order the event for me. So the cable box came back online and he sent me to channel 807 instead of 808. This was weird and I didn’t really consider why he’d ask me to do that at first but would find out quickly. The guy asked if Mysterio had wrestled yet which made me think that he was a fan of wrestling either currently or at some point in the past.

So we flipped over and the show was back on. It was getting ready for Hair Vs. Hair so that should tell you how much we missed if you saw the show.
This is when I figured out why the change of channel was necessary, the show was now in Spanish. It was also now in standard definition. We went from English HD to Spanish SD and in many ways it was an improvement.

I tweeted at my cable company because the wrong version had been ordered. They asked for my account information to do some checking and sent me a DM with the explanation.
It seems that according to their listing the next English version of the show wasn’t scheduled until the morning. I thought that was odd because, well, the show was still in progress at the time. This made me think that perhaps someone up the line thought the show was over after an hour and that’s why it disappeared although that’s just a theory.

Anyway, because my cable company doesn’t suck they gave me a $15 credit on my account. Not bad since this is a $20 show. Midcontinent Communications you guys rock. So provided I don’t get charged for this show twice (and if I do they told me to let them know) this night should only cost me $5. One of my friends spent $20 on a kegg of root beer and another bought $30 worth of pizza. So I got off easy all things considered.

We did see the last two matches. The fact the show was in Spanish didn’t bother my friends any. It sort of sucked for me since because of my visual impairment I really on the commentary for most of my information. However, when I remember how aweful Hugo Savinovich was when he was talking and the goofy sound on the HD broadcast, even I think I was better off with the Spanish. Also there weren’t the glitches that plagued the first portion of the English show. In a way, even though I didn’t understand much it was kind of cool to experience a AAA show in Spanish.

I wonder what would have happened if I had taken Spanish in High School instead of German? I wonder how the teacher would have reacted if I said my primary motivation for this was so I could watch Lucha?

So that’s pretty much all I have to say. The first couple of matches were horrible and the last two were okay. I missed everything else. So the thing to take away from this is that TripleMania 23 was terrible but Midcontinent Communications is great.

Even if the show had been good, it was hard to focus. My dad is in the hospital, I’ll write more about this later but it was hard to keep from just scrapping the whole thing to go see him. I went up when the show was over. While in the hospital room I realized that TripleMania 23 may not have been good but that it was still more entertaining than preseason football.

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