Audible Hidden Gem Sale – August 2015

I know I’m seriously late on this but as I always say: “Better late than on time”. Audible is currently holding a Hidden Gem Sale. The site is offering 38 books at just $3.95 each. As I said, I’m late on this as the sale ends at 11:59 PM ET on August 6.

This sale comes at an ideal time for me as it could help me break out of my current reading slump. I determined that one cause of my current slump was the fact that I was lacking variety in what I was reading. I was looking at my library and saw a lot of books on technology/the future, a large number of Star Wars books and just a lot of other stuff that either felt too familiar or I just didn’t feel like reading at the time. So perhaps a few of the books I purchased from this sale will add a different spark to my reading. Although it is worth noting I’ve already read half the number of books I read the entire month of July.

If you want to see what I came away with from the Hidden Gem Sale simply click here. The books I bought are the last 7 on the list.