Welcome to RandomCatastrophe.net!

Welcome to the first post on the new Random Catastrophe website. This post is just an outline of what you can expect to see coming in the not too distant future. If you want a little bit of history on how this website came to be, I suggest you check out the site’s front page for the details.

While this is the first new post there are several posts from my old audiobook empire website. All of the book reviews I posted on that site have been converted over. I will continue to post new book reviews (look for one later today) and other audiobook related news items. If you are a fan of the Audiobook Empire Facebook Page, all of my audiobook related content will still be posted over there. In fact, if I did my job directly, clicking on audiobookempire.com should take you to the category page for audiobooks here on this site. So if you’re an old reader of that site who doesn’t care about my views on sports, pop culture or my personal life then that is another way for you to just see the audiobook content you care about.

I hope you enjoy some of the other features as well. There is a Talk.io chat room for Random Catastrophe that you can access in the site’s sidebar. You can leave messages for others or just leave a random comment. We encourage randomness around here.

You can get all of the site’s posts sent to you via email by subscribing using the form provided. You can also like our blog and find us elsewhere on social media. As of this writing the twitter account to follow is for the old Combat Hooligans website. Eventually I’ll change the username to something more appropriate for this website. You can also keep up with what I’m reading on Goodreads which should give you a good idea of what books I will be reviewing in the future.

I’ve got a few posts in the can for today. I’ve got a book review coming as mentioned, I’ve got a nice game of “would you rather” with a chance for you to weigh in as well and a post on music. They’ll be spread out throughout the day, so keep checking back.

My intention is to post something every day. It might not always be a long post. It might be a video or just a short note but I’m going to try and write regularly/. I’ve got several ideas for posts in my head and a number of them are for reoccurring features. Often I might just post a link to a news article I found particularly interesting and may not even make much of a comment on my own.

I believe there will be other people I let post in the future. If you’re interested, you can get in touch and we can work something out. I’ll allow for discussion of pretty much anything provided that you understand that your views on a particular subject will not necessarily reflect my own views and any heat you might get for something you write will be yours to deal with as I assume no responsibility.
In particular, I hope to get women involved but I’ve hoped to get women involved with every blogging project I’ve ever had and it has never been a success.

I hope that you find this site entertaining above all else. If you learn something that’s just a bonus. I want you to laugh and to just enjoy yourself. I can’t tell you everything that will come up on this site, that’s why I call it a random catastrophe. Oh and yes, I know we’re missing a logo. Not having the logo ready at the start of a blogging project has always been a trademark of mine.